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Introducing The Current, an e-newsletter that brings fresh perspectives to life. The Current approaches work situations with a straight-talk perspective that accesses the "positive action" voice in our heads and brings energy and momentum to our work.

June 2017: Let Down? Get Up and Keep Going

May 2017: A Rose is Still a Rose

April 2017: Are you Crazy!?! (The Change Maker)

March 2017: The Inspiration of the Oscars

February 2017: I'll Be Back

January 2017: You Had Me at 'Hello'


August 2016: A Time for Action

July 2016: The New Normal

December 2015: The Makings of a GM

May 2015: How High is Your High?

February 2015: Stand or Shift?

October 2014: Emotional Labor

May 2014: Communication


Check out this video excert from one of our workshops:

"What Makes the Difference?" Workshop

Past Events:

Smart Steps, AMP'd Success - April 2017

Smart Women, AMP'd Words - January 2017

Smart Women, AMP'd Words - October 2016

Who's In Charge: An Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Workshop

Navigating Conflict: How to route through issues without causing collateral damage